Using facts, intuition, and creativity, I blend strategy with art to help brands find their difference, tell their truth and realize their full potential to win.


Art Director, Designer, Brand Builder, Writer, Teacher, Gifted One.

Wunmi Eruaga is a forward-thinking Creative Director & Brand advisory who specializes in entrepreneurial clients who embrace bold and visionary ideas to reach specific business goals. He is driven by the vision to create and nurture ideas into memorable brands.

By pushing beyond the status quo together, I lead brands into new territories. My approach does way more than send you into the world with a great logo—it awakens the potential of your organization.

I have four years of success engaging, inspiring and activating audiences to drive demand for brands under my belt. My creative designs are known for their effectiveness, functionality, strategy and a unique way of telling brand stories. I have also worked in a diverse array of industry verticals— fashion, content and television production, lifestyle, event planning, entertainment, and business services — winning new clients and friends along the way


Wunmi works with two types of companies: bold brands who want to work with an Art Director of a similar mindset and those who aspire to be bold and need Motto to help transform and take the company to new places.

My blog packs the best content for Entrepreneurs, Marketing execs & Creatives.

My personal blog is dedicated to talking about design and branding in relation to building big brands, celebrating personal and business brands, featuring helpful tips and innovations, curating wonderful content and sharing ups and downs in the life of a designer and Art director in Lagos city.

Talking Visual Branding and Consistency

Walking into a crowded room you’d most likely do one of two things. You will either join the familiar faces and form a group ( a community) or introduce yourself to the not so familiar faces with the hopes of making new friends. Familiarity, however, eases the process...

Lessons From the maiden Corporate Engage Series

Handle it Africa kicks off 2018 with a build-up to the conference proper coming up sometime in April. The Corporate Engage Series is an impactful series of bite-sized lectures by Handle It Africa targeted at the digital team of big corporations/organizations. The...

How Fanshopa is Switching up Fan Experience

The exceptional creator of things, UcheUgo, has reinvented an entire experience! Fanshopa, his new creation might be turning the music industry on its head, disrupting the status quo. But how much change is Fanshopa brewing though? There has been a major shift in the...

Not Like the Other Guys

She won’t have it! This could be a similar experience, the lies, empty promises and wasted time. She had sworn she wants something new, well not exactly new but at least different. So there she was her hand interlocked under her chin keeping eye contact with Segun...

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