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There is a demand for businesses to connect with their audience in new, distinct and innovative ways. Today, people embrace companies with the customer experiences that best meet their needs. Most entrepreneurs would rather focus on the day to day runnings of their business than add on the task of creating brand identity, brand strategy and contents for their businesses. Even if they did, they often lack the skills/know how to execute such tasks effectively.

Wunmi Eruaga, Art Director and Brand Strategist, helps visionary businesses and individuals communicate their brand message effectively through bespoke branding and content. He combines his capabilities into a single solution for businesses that need to make a statement and stand out. With over four years of experience in such industry verticals as Event production, Fashion, Music, and Marketing, he guarantees results on each project.




Create a clear, identifiable, unified brand story.

The typical visionary, business and individual, is given a dream, talent, idea and a burning passion to make it profitable. However, they are often preoccupied with perfecting the business model or sharpening their talents to focus on their brand image and how it is perceived by the audience.

From your brand identity to content, Wunmi Eruaga carefully crafts your brand’s personality making it distinct enough to stand out from other “me-too” brands and make an impression with your customers.


 He works in close collaboration with clients, helping them to breathe life into their brand. His customer-centric, communication-driven approach focuses on creating remarkable identities, communication and experiences. 

Make your brand stand out with a clear, fascinating message.



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Event Branding



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The “WE” Philosophy and why collaboration creates magic.

The ‘WE’ philosophy holds that in the process of creating something truly iconic and remarkable it takes a people – the input of different creators and ideas. Whether its a personal brand or business collaborations bring about the best results.

This is evident in Wunmi Eruaga’s approach to work. There is always a collaboration. He works with a number of creators on projects to give clients the best service. You can check out his line up of collaborators.


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