How Fanshopa is Switching up Fan Experience

How Fanshopa is Switching up Fan Experience

The exceptional creator of things, UcheUgo, has reinvented an entire experience! Fanshopa, his new creation might be turning the music industry on its head, disrupting the status quo. But how much change is Fanshopa brewing though?

There has been a major shift in the music industry landscape in recent times all of which has benefitted the celebrities immensely. Questioning the win-win system, which is rigged in favour of our idols, Uche’s genius was birthed. What if the fans got something back for all their adoration?

I poked at the man, (Uche is quite enigmatic) and his idea, it’s origins, agenda and inner workings just to see how much we have on our hands with his new invention.

WE: Since we are speaking of fans I’m a Man U fan and you?

UcheUgo: (laughs) I’m not a fan of football

WE: What/Who are you a fan of?

UcheUgo: I love Chelsea but I’m not really a die-hard fan. I only watch football when I feel like. I just recently became a fan of Chelsea, tho.

WE: This is not starting off on the right foot (laughs)

UcheUgo: I’m a fan of every creative individual out there. It’s not easy being a creative person, you know. Creative people are golden. Why did I say so? See, It’s not easy brainstorming ideas for different brands and yet, you need to be unconventional with every brand you help to bring their ideas to life. Creative people create experiences, and these experiences we create brings back the “returning customers”. I call them “believers” of your brand.

WE: I agree with this. What’s the mission statement for your brand Fanshopa? Or do you even have one?

UcheUgo: Our mission at Fanshopa is to be the number one entertainment tech company, with exciting products that would enhance the experience between fans and the celebrity. We have so much and we’re taking this a goal at a time.

WE: Did you stumble on this? Was there a eureka moment? Most of us know it has not always been Fanshopa with you.

UcheUgo: I didn’t really stumble on it. It has always been a thought idea. As a creative entrepreneur focusing on tech, brands and music, I find it a great deal adding extra value when I work with celebrities. Celebrities want to do more for their fans. Fans want more from their favorite celebrities. Delivering this solution is why we are here.

WE: What experience does Fanshopa promise the fans?

UcheUgo: We just want to say we have exciting experiences for a lot of fans out there. They should keep their fingers crossed.

WE: What influences have you brought to Fanshopa?

UcheUgo: My experience working for advertising agencies years back, creating mobile app solutions, having to work with Musicians, movie producers on their projects, working with event promoters accounts brought most of my influence on Fanshopa

WE: Did you coin the name? What does Fanshopa mean?

UcheUgo: I’ve been waiting for this. (laughs) Literally, it basically means to SHOW LOVE by doing the extraordinary as a fan or celebrity. A friend and I, Taiwo Adeyemi coined the name. Shout out to Adeyemi.

WE: Ummm, it’s all about love. What has the reception been like so far from fans and celebrities?

UcheUgo: The reception has been amazing so far. More from the celebrities though, quite a few showed love and we haven’t really started yet like being out there everywhere, but 2018 is upon us for greatness.

WE: Who is a super fan?

UcheUgo: A super fan is a person who has an extreme admiration for a person or a thing.

WE: How can I tell one from another since everyone claims to be a super fan. What are the yardsticks or limits?

UcheUgo: You can tell how much a fan someone is when they preach about their favourite celebrity everywhere they go, by doing the extraordinary things like getting a tattoo of their favourite. Sometimes, you see the fans helping to sell their market without the celebrity spending so much on marketing. There are no limits to what a fan can do. Let me explain; Fans are a leading component in the success rate of celebrities, they are the soul of the creative business. Fans are responsible for a large percentage of the industry spending. Fans are the customers, consumers and the evangelists. So, as a Celebrity, your fan is everything to you.

WE: What do you think about innovation in today’s millennial-led businesses

UcheUgo: It is really an interesting development, I must say. Innovation shapes the world. By so doing, we need thinkers, we need people with experience that can make life easier with innovative solutions.

WE: What does it take to be a part of Fanshopa and its vision?

UcheUgo: I will say your passion and love for solving problems with technology. We’re open to suggestions. As we all know, everyone is a fan of someone. Ideas are welcome.