Handle it Africa kicks off 2018 with a build-up to the conference proper coming up sometime in April. The Corporate Engage Series is an impactful series of bite-sized lectures by Handle It Africa targeted at the digital team of big corporations/organizations. The ultimate goal is to bring these lucky digital teams up to speed with the trends in New media and how this can be used to further their corporate marketing agenda.

On the 31st of January, the Series kicked off with a session at the WEMA BANK Plc Headquarters in Marina. It was a sunny and refreshing afternoon with enough warmth to match the camaraderie at the offices of WEMA BANK Plc. After a brief moment of networking and small talk, it was time to hear Sola Obagbemi, the Communication Manager at Andela, give her lecture on the topic “Communicating Brand Proposition through New Media. The session lasted a little above an hour yet packed so much resourceful information to last quite a while. I, the Handle It Africa team and a little above twenty enthusiastic staff of Digital/social media department of WEMA bank Plc and ALAT were seated for an informative presentation.

A lot was shared at the Corporate Engage Series but here is a summary of some of the noteworthy things Sola Obagbemi Shared with us;

  • A brand proposition should clearly identify the benefits that a consumer derives out of
    your brand. We all do not set out to provide the same service and even if it is the same service we at least deliver these services differently. All the added value derived from your brand sums up your brand proposition.
  • It also includes the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) which the buyer benefits that no other brand can provide. Your USP makes up your difference from all the other competitors in your market
  • The three types of content that engage with online audiences in Nigeria are; Inspirational, Aspirational and Humourous. Contents must be tailored accordingly in order to earn some engagement with the Nigerian audience. This is evidenced by the contents of some of the most successful social media pages.

  • Content helps you achieve objectives such as brand recognition, thought leadership, audience engagement, and lead generation.
  • Use your content strategy as a way to tell a consistent, cohesive story about your brand. A well thought out strategy helps ensure you’ve set attainable goals, identified your audience, and are distributing your content effectively.
  • Monitor constantly. Don’t just throw your content out into social media space and forget about it. Monitor the results so you can see which pieces were most successful on which networks and at which time. This will help you to fine-tune your placement in the future.

Being an exclusive event not much of the information shared is available. I have taken the time to share this with my notes just so you too can share in the experience.